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    What if you had the chance to engineer your own passive income? Would you take the chance?

    My guess is that if you are here, you are a risk-taker by nature, that’s good because I am too (you are in good company).

    That is exactly what I am trying to do, engineer a new method for passive income.

    My name is Michael Smith and I am a serial entrepreneur & risk-taker. I love sports, data, analytics, and passive income.

    To be clear, I am not a high roller gambler, but then again is betting gambling? And I certainly don’t advocate betting more than you can afford to lose. Rather the advice I am going to give is my own independent advice that I derive from scouring the stats, computer models and listening to other professional handicappers.


    I am an amateur and probably don’t even know what I am doing – do your own due diligence before placing any bets.


    I will be wagering with bitcoin. Why bitcoin you ask?

    Honestly, I had some spare BTC lying around and I decided to just put it work. At the time of writing this, BTC is hovering around $10,500 so my starting balance in the 2019 season represents about $525 of USD of bankroll.

    I live in Nevada, so I can easily walk into around 500 sportsbooks nearby.

    However, with BTC I can set behind my computer and not move from my mega workstation. This brings up a good point, if sports betting is not legal where you live, then don’t do it. (Slight rant; I am still frustrated I can’t play FanDuel in Nevada!!!)

    I will not be tracking any USD earnings because I plan to keep my BTC and quite frankly, that’s too much work. This is just a hobby for me!

    To start, I will be betting around 25-35% of my bankroll weekly. Ideally, I will split this equally across 6-8 bets unless I see some crazy anomaly and just have to jump on it. At which point I will let you know.

    My goal is to post my wagers by Saturday morning each week for the NFL, then by Tuesday of each week, I will post the results and update the season’s earnings. This, of course, is all pending a Thursday night game at which point I will just post whenever I like.

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