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NFL 2019 Season Results


Current Bankroll Stats:

Starting Bankroll (BTC)0.05001739
Current Bankroll (BTC)0.04312739
In-Play (BTC)0
Bankroll Growth-13.77%
Total Bets Placed38
Total Wins18
Total Losses20
Win Ratio47.36%

Week 4 Bets / Results

StatusBet typeEventWagerOddsRiskTo Win
losestraightKansas City Chiefs v Detroit LionsGame: Kansas City Chiefs -6.51.8020.00250.002005
loseparlayLos Angeles Chargers v Miami DolphinsGame: Miami Dolphins +161.783  
winparlayMinnesota Vikings v Chicago BearsGame: Chicago Bears -1.51.957  
loseparlayDallas Cowboys v New Orleans SaintsGame: Dallas Cowboys -2.51.905  
loseparlayCarolina Panthers v Houston TexansGame: Houston Texans -41.976  
loseparlay  13.1350.0010.012135
winstraightMinnesota Vikings v Chicago BearsGame: Chicago Bears -1.51.9570.00250.002393
losestraightLos Angeles Chargers v Miami DolphinsGame: Miami Dolphins +161.7830.00250.001958
losestraightOakland Raiders v Indianapolis ColtsGame: Indianapolis Colts -6.51.850.00250.002125
losestraightDallas Cowboys v New Orleans SaintsGame: Dallas Cowboys -2.51.9050.00250.002263
losestraightCincinnati Bengals v Pittsburgh SteelersGame: Cincinnati Bengals +41.8090.00250.002023
losestraightCarolina Panthers v Houston TexansGame: Houston Texans -41.9760.00250.00244
winstraightWashington Redskins v New York GiantsGame: under 511.6680.00250.00167
winstraightCincinnati Bengals v Pittsburgh SteelersGame: under 451.930.00250.002325
losestraightTennessee Titans v Atlanta FalconsGame: Tennessee Titans +41.8650.00250.002163
losestraightDallas Cowboys v New Orleans SaintsGame: Dallas Cowboys -2.51.9210.00250.002303
losestraightTampa Bay Buccaneers v Los Angeles RamsGame: Los Angeles Rams -101.9390.00250.002348
losestraightNew England Patriots v Buffalo BillsGame: New England Patriots -72.0060.00250.002515
winstraightPhiladelphia Eagles v Green Bay PackersGame: Philadelphia Eagles +4.52.0060.00250.002515

Week 4 Bankroll: 0.05424339
Total Wagered: 0.036 (BTC)
Bankroll Wagered: 64.8%
Winnings: 0.00 (BTC)
Losses: 0.00 (BTC)
Net: 0.00 (BTC)
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Week 3 Bets / Results

StatusBet typeEventWagerOddsRiskTo Win
winparlayMiami Dolphins v Dallas CowboysGame: Dallas Cowboys -20.51.753  
winparlayDenver Broncos v Green Bay PackersGame: Green Bay Packers -5.51.695  
loseparlayNew Orleans Saints v Seattle SeahawksGame: Seattle Seahawks -51.986  
winparlayBaltimore Ravens v Kansas City ChiefsGame: Kansas City Chiefs -3.51.777  
loseparlay  10.4860.0050.04743
winstraightDenver Broncos v Green Bay PackersGame: Green Bay Packers -7.52.0960.00250.00274
losestraightNew Orleans Saints v Seattle SeahawksGame: Seattle Seahawks -4.51.9480.00250.00237
winstraightLos Angeles Rams v Cleveland BrownsGame: Los Angeles Rams -31.8290.00250.002073
losestraightBaltimore Ravens v Kansas City ChiefsGame: Kansas City Chiefs -5.51.9960.00250.00249
winstraightBaltimore Ravens v Kansas City ChiefsGame: over 521.930.00250.002325
winstraightMiami Dolphins v Dallas CowboysGame: Dallas Cowboys -211.8220.00250.002055
winstraightMiami Dolphins v Dallas CowboysGame: under 47.51.850.00250.002125

Week 3 Bankroll: 0.05424339
Total Wagered: 0.0225 (BTC)
Bankroll Wagered: 41.4%
Winnings: 0.011318 (BTC)
Losses: 0.01 (BTC)
Net: 0.001318 (BTC)
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Week 2 Bets / Results

StatusBet typeEventWagerOddsRiskTo Win
losestraightSeattle Seahawks v Pittsburgh SteelersGame: Pittsburgh Steelers -42.0160.00250.00254
losestraightNew England Patriots v Miami DolphinsGame: Miami Dolphins +18.51.9760.00250.00244
winstraightNew England Patriots v Miami DolphinsGame: under 47.52.1060.00250.002765
winstraightPhiladelphia Eagles v Atlanta FalconsGame: Atlanta Falcons +1.51.9860.00250.002465
losestraightNew Orleans Saints v Los Angeles RamsGame: over 521.9760.00250.00244
winstraightNew Orleans Saints v Los Angeles RamsGame: Los Angeles Rams -21.9960.00250.00249
winstraightDallas Cowboys v Washington RedskinsGame: Dallas Cowboys -5.51.9130.00250.002283
losestraightTampa Bay Buccaneers v Carolina PanthersGame: Carolina Panthers -6.51.9210.00250.002303

Week 2 Bankroll: 0.05424039
Total Wagered: 0.02 (BTC)
Bankroll Wagered: 36.8%
Winnings: 0.00 (BTC)
Losses: 0.025 (BTC)
Net: -0.025 (BTC)
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Week 1 Bets / Results

StatusBet typeEventWagerOddsRiskTo Win
winstraightPittsburgh Steelers v New England PatriotsGame: New England Patriots -5.51.9390.00250.002348
losestraightCincinnati Bengals v Seattle SeahawksGame: Seattle Seahawks -9.51.9570.00250.002393
winstraightTennessee Titans v Cleveland BrownsGame: Tennessee Titans +5.51.9480.00250.00237
winstraightPittsburgh Steelers v New England PatriotsGame: under 501.7960.00250.00199
winstraightCincinnati Bengals v Seattle SeahawksGame: under 442.0060.00250.002515
losestraightLos Angeles Rams v Carolina PanthersGame: Carolina Panthers +21.9050.00250.002263
losestraight Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Carolina Panthers Game: Carolina Panthers -6.5 1.9210.00250.002303

Week 1 Bankroll: 0.05001739
Total Wagered: 0.015 (BTC)
Bankroll Wagered: 29.9%
Winnings: 0.009223 (BTC)
Losses: 0.005 (BTC)
Net: 0.004223 (BTC)
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My name is Michael Smith and I am a serial entrepreneur & risk-taker. I love sports, data, analytics, and passive income.

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I will be wagering with bitcoin. Why bitcoin you ask?

Honestly, I had some spare BTC lying around and I decided to just put it work. At the time of writing this, BTC is hovering around $10,500 so my starting balance in the 2019 season represents about $525 of USD of bankroll.

I live in Nevada, so I can easily walk into around 500 sportsbooks nearby.

However, with BTC I can set behind my computer and not move from my mega workstation. This brings up a good point, if sports betting is not legal where you live, then don’t do it. (Slight rant; I am still frustrated I can’t play FanDuel in Nevada!!!)

I will not be tracking any USD earnings because I plan to keep my BTC and quite frankly, that’s too much work. This is just a hobby for me!

To start, I will be betting around 25-35% of my bankroll weekly. Ideally, I will split this equally across 6-8 bets unless I see some crazy anomaly and just have to jump on it. At which point I will let you know.

My goal is to post my wagers by Saturday morning each week for the NFL, then by Tuesday of each week, I will post the results and update the season’s earnings. This, of course, is all pending a Thursday night game at which point I will just post whenever I like.

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Week 4 Bets – Sunday


I went big this week with 0.036 BTC waged across many more games than I have in the past previous 3 weeks. I have also included 1 Parlay bet of which I placed an estimated value of BTC at $8.19 across 4 games. Again, I don’t track USD, rather playing as a hobby with Bitcoin.

First, the Parlay Bet:

StatusBet typeEventWagerOddsRiskTo Win
PendingparlayLos Angeles Chargers v Miami DolphinsGame: Miami Dolphins +161.783  
PendingparlayMinnesota Vikings v Chicago BearsGame: Chicago Bears -1.51.957  
PendingparlayDallas Cowboys v New Orleans SaintsGame: Dallas Cowboys -2.51.905  
PendingparlayCarolina Panthers v Houston TexansGame: Houston Texans -41.976  
Pendingparlay  13.1350.0010.012135



The Chiefs will be able to put up points vs. The Lions offense which is ranked 23rd in points scored per drive. The fact that Tyreek Hill has been gone and The Chiefs still put the whoop down on Baltimore, I do feel like their injuries will slow them down a bit (Damien Williams / Eric Fisher). Not to mention Matthew Stafford’s hip injury, bottom line, I am going with the Chiefs to cover.


TENNESSEE @ ATLANTA | 9/29 | 10:00 AM PDT.

Here is the deal, I don’t have a ton of faith in the Titans. For me, this bet is a 100% consensus bet and checking various computer models. Truth is this game could go either way, but I feel comfortable with the +4 considering as I write this post, the line just moved to ATL-3.5.



Both teams have just had very underwhelming performances so far. I can’t see how either team is really poised to put up many points. Andy Dalton doesn’t do well in the spotlight and Mason Rudolph has only thrown for 286 yards this season which is less than 100 yards per game. 


WASHINGTON @ N.Y. GIANTS | 9/29 | 10:00 AM PDT

The official line is 49, but I took 2 extra points for a lower payout, this game. The line has already moved from 48.5 to 49. The NY Giants and Washington are ranked #20 and #21 respectively in average points scored per game so far in the 2019 season. Each team is averaging 21 points per game. Hence this number is above all other betting totals with these teams. I think both teams will be tamped a bit, and each just has an average offense. Various computer models also had Under 49 at 61% on simulation.


CAROLINA @ HOUSTON | 9/29 | 10:00 AM PDT

The line is -4 because Cam Newton just isn’t Cam Newton any more, we all know it! If he was playing at the peak, this line would be between -1 & -2. The win percentage of NFL home teams in the NFL was analyzed from games between 2001 and 2015. In regular-season games, the win % is exactly 57.3% and wins by just over 3 points. This “fuzzy logic” is why I am going with Houston.



The line has already moved from PIT-4 to PIT-3.5 giving Cincinnati even more confidence in this bet. I am glad I got in at +4. Given the fact that Andy Dalton has typically had poor performances when he plays prime time, this is my wild card bet this week. I am a Seahawks fan, so I am also reflecting on how the Bengals outfoxed Seattle, but just came up short. Let’s see how this one works out!



I know that the Patriots have been tossing up huge scores, but we can’t really consider their averages when we consider the win against Miami. All the data points to this being a lower scoring game than they have been able to achieve in the past. Buffalo is a better team than Miami and the Jet’s so I like the line at +7. It does look like Julian Edelman will be playing, he recently said that “he would do everything in his power to be available for the teams next game at Buffalo”. Still, give Buffalo another 3 on the home game!



Per the above, I also think this game is going to be a much lower scoring game than the Patriots have been posting up. Both of these teams have Top 5 defenses and total yards allowed. These are the best 2 teams in the AFC East, so I just don’t see this game going high. The line has moved since I placed my wager to 42.5, so let’s see.



The Saints simply didn’t deserve the game against Seattle. The Seahawks lost, the Saints didn’t win. The Saints defense is giving up an average of 5.1 yards per carry. You think they are ready for Ezekiel Elliot? Dallas is just too strong of a team and they should easily be able to cover the -2.5. Unless some other freak-voodoo occurrence by New Orleans I really like my odds here!


TAMPA BAY @ L.A. RAMS | 9/29 | 1:05 PM PDT

The Rams seemed to struggle against the Browns defense, I am sure the Rams will win, but the bottom line is that Tedd Bowles is going to give the Rams offense a hard time. The Buccaneer’s records of 1-2 doesn’t fade me because of the major enhancements that Todd Bowles and Bruce Arians have made simply doesn’t show on the W/L record.



This is the 2nd game for the Raiders on the road. The Colts should be able to run over them the same way the Minnesota offense dominated them last week with 5.6 yards per carry. The Raiders looked good against the Broncos, but since haven’t shown much pizazz. Their defense ranks 29th in total points allowed per drive. The Colts should be able to easily beat them by 1 touchdown.


L.A. CHARGERS @ MIAMI | 9/29 | 10:00 AM PDT

Here is the deal, I had that little “gut” check when Miami played New England, that The Patriots would cover. Then When they faced Dallas, I jumped on it (and won << check the stats Week 3), but when you are the Dolphins and your schedule includes probably 2 of the top 5 toughest teams in the league, then scoring is going to look off. But not so with the LA Chargers, I am getting behind Miami this time that they can hold LA to 2 touchdowns. It’s also worth noting that the line here has gone from MIA +16 to MIA+14.5, so I am glad I got in at +16. I feel good about this one!



The line moved from -2.5 to -1.5 (heck Yea!), Bottom line, we have 3 points for Chicago as the home team and I just can’t see The Vikings winning by more than a field goal. As long as Chicago can stop Dalvin Cook, they should be able to pull it off. Considering the 2018 season, The Bears had some easy wins against the Vikings.




So I won’t write a boring explanation of the “Why’s” instead, I wanted to write the last minute injury of Avonte Maddox. I happened to be watching the game from the Detroit Airport hotel The Westin. Having missed my flights, I was out of my element.

The game was good and I knew I had my money on The Eagles and by the 3rd quarter, they had it!

Then as I watched Maddox lay on the ground, my heart sank . . . I imagine a worst-case scenario and I prayed.

I watched the entire Eagles team rally in support and I was proud of the after game concern of the Packers despite their home field loss.

This display of support of sportsmanship made me a proud fan of the NFL.

Get Well Avonte!

Week 3 Bets – Sunday



MIAMI @ DALLAS | 9/22 | 10:00 AM PDT

I was kicking myself after the Patriots not only covered the spread but proved again how good they are and how bad the Dolphins are. I like the Under 47 because I can’t see Jason Garret operating with the same ruthlessness as Belichick did by running up the score.


MIAMI @ DALLAS | 9/22 | 10:00 AM PDT

Why am I now wagering on Dallas to cover a 21 point spread? Because I don’t want to kick myself again for not taking the opportunity. With that said, Lamar Jackson hit the dolphins with 5 touchdowns. My man Dak Prescott can easily do that!



This is simple, Baltimore is probably the most overrated team in the NFL. That blended with the Chief’s home field advantage (Worth exactly -3.5 in this game) and I would have taken this game at -7 and remained comfortable. 

OVER 52.5


I think this is going to be a high scoring game. The lined opened at 54.5 and has since dropped to 52.5. Lamar Jackson has proved his worth as a capable quarterback vs. his rookie year. Last year, he threw 147 yards in 2018 against the Chiefs, he will definitely be putting up more yards this year!

L.A. RAMS -3

L.A. RAMS @ CLEVELAND | 9/22 | 5:20 PM PDT

I don’t think the Browns were as hot as we thought they would be at the start of the season. I think deep down we are all rooting for the Browns, but even with the home-field advantage, I don’t see them being able to slow down Jared Goff and the Rams offense. 


DENVER @ GREEN BAY | 9/22 | 10:00 AM PDT

With the Packers providing one of the toughest home fields for a visiting team to encounter, Joe Flacco should find it extremely difficult to put up consistent scoring drives on Sunday. Vic Fangio has also been able to be a thorn in the side of Arron Rodgers before, so overall, I just see this as a low scoring game.



With Drew Brees out, this game should be simple for Russell Wilson to shine. Not only do the Seahawks have the home field advantage Ziggy Ansah is set to make his debut. I can this going very very bad for the Saints.


DENVER @ GREEN BAY | 9/22 | 10:00 AM PDT


I was hoping to get this at -7, but I will go ahead and give up that half-point in favor of Green Bay. Back to one of the best home-field advantages, the Broncos offense is coming off a difficult last 2 weeks. Even though the Broncs have a legit defense, Aaron Rodgers 

Trying something new:
I entered the following Parlay bet with slightly better odds and a lower payout.

Parlay Bet:

  • Dallas Cowboys -20.5
  • Greenbay Packers -5.5
  • Seattle Seahawks -5
  • Kansas City Chiefs -3.5

Total Bet: 0.005

To Win: 0.047430

Week 2 Bets – Sunday


Betting in week 1 is different than betting in week 2. This week, we have the advantage of seeing who showed up and showed out. Week 2 is difficult to find those “value” bets that we all love. However, this week still has some games taking place that I feel are wager worthy.

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ATSPHI -1.5 OPEN: -1OVER / UNDER 52.5 OPEN: 51 ML PHI -129 OPEN: -118

Projected Score: 28 – 23


The Eagles have prevailed against the Falcons in 3 out of the last 4 meetings. With the Falcons already having offensive line injuries their underrated secondary won’t be able to pick up the slack. At the end of the day, the Eagles are just the dominate team.

Still updating!

TAMPA BAY @ CAROLINA – Bets & Predictions



Last week the Buccaneer’s performance against the 49ers was embarrassing, Jameis Winston was sloppy with 3 interceptions of which 2 resulted in TD’s. Not to mention that he almost threw a 4th interception and fumbled the ball twice. As far as the Panthers, I actually still think they were the better team against the Ram’s. They should have won. With that said, I am going with Carolina to cover the 6.5 spread. They should be able to EASILY win by 1 touchdown.

ATS: CAR -6.5
OVER / UNDER: 49.5 (OPEN: 50)
ML: CAR -304 (OPEN: -286)

Week 1 Bets – Sunday


Here we are, ready to kick off the official 2019 NFL Season which as you are ALL aware of is the 100th Season! I am going to take 6 total bets this first week and get my feet wet. Week 1 for me is all about setting back and watching how the teams actually perform.

Check The Results: NFL 2019 Season Results

Under 50


I love the patriots to cover their spread (see below), but I also really like the under on this game. The Patriots defense should be able to neutralize Juju Smith-Schuster. If Devin Bush can help lead the Steelers defense they may be able to slow the Patriots down a bit. At the end of the day, 50 is just too darn high!


I love this line for a lot of different reasons. To start, the Patriots are the defending champs and with the home-field advantage, there will be enough excitement in the stadium to help Tom Brady easily beat this. Overall, I feel like the Steelers are going to have problems on defense. If they don’t show up, Bill Bellichick will no doubtingly take advantage.



The Bengals have one of the worst O-line in the league. How they are going to drive up a huge score without A.J. Green on the field is beyond me. Russle Wilson is typically a slow scoring QB that seems to come alive in the 2nd half. With all this considered, I don’t expect this to be a big scoring game.


To the above points, the Seahawks should be able to cover this spread. We are talking about a TD and a Feild goal. Considering how poorly the Bengals did last year against defending the run, the Seahawks should slide into an easy 10+ point win!


The Titans are a running team and the Brows struggled last season to defend the run. Now bring it back to the Titans defense with athletes like Kevin Byard and Jurrell Casey the Brows are going to have a long day ahead of them. The fact that the books are giving Tennessee points here is just a no brainer!


Cam, Cam, Cam – now that you are healthy I will get behind you! I think this is going to be a close game ultimately with the RAMS barely making it out. With the downgraded Rams offense line, the Panthers defense should be able to limit some big plays. The Panthers run game should be on point and allow them to keep up with the Rams in scoring.